Latest 2017, List of Free Windows And Linux VPS Up To 1 Year

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New VPS Windows and Linux Free Provider Packages 2017 - Here are some free Windows VPS Linux providers that provide free VPS testing. But here's a list of some VPS's needing a credit card or some other No Credit Card Required. Some of them are free and others are just trial.

What is Vps?

Before I discuss about how to use this VPS it would be nice if we are a little acquainted with the name of VPS. Indonesian proverb says not know so no love, so VPS how you can love and learn it if you just do not know the VPS itself, do not know what and for what use VPS itself.

I know some of you may feel very alien to the virtual private server or commonly known as VPS. Therefore, I try to explain a bit about this VPS in a simple way. In my opinion, VPS is a virtual server that we can use full time 24 hours. A server of course has specs like ram, harddisk, cpu and so forth. The easy language is that you have a virtual computer.

Because of its virtual nature of the question arises, the actual location where ?. To answer this try to see if you want to order or language that more precisely rent a VPS usually you are treated to the choice of location you want like Singapore, London, Washington, New York, Atlanta, Seattle, Netherland, Japan and others depending on the provider The VPS has its servers everywhere.

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What are VPS Functions and Uses?

From the long exposure above of course you already have a little picture about the VPS and the usability or function of the VPS itself. The usefulness of the VPS actually depends on what you want to use it for, I think you understand what I mean. Above I explain that VPS is just like you have your own computer, which means of course you are given the freedom to use the computer for what, want to install any application and anyone who can access the computer. However you still have to pay attention to T.O.S from the VPS provider.

Here are some of the functions and usefulness of VPS that I can use :
  1. Tunneling
  2. Mail Server
  3. Web Server
  4. Hosting
  5. Proxy
  6. Transmission
  7. Encoding
  8. VPN
  9. Forex

Actually the functionality and usability of the VPS can be replaced with a real server, which you created or you own. It's just that VPS has its own advantages, such as easier and simpler, no need for maintenance (because VPS server maintenance has been done by the owner or seller VPS), no longer need to subscribe internet data to make your server online, no need to pay the cost of electricity and of course You just do not need to buy hardware and software (hardware and software) which certainly this can reduce the cost you must spend.

Here admin will share vps provider site information for free and active up to 1 year, hopefully friends can benefit well for the purpose of learning vps and understand the main purpose of vps.

For those of you who are looking for VPS providers site free trial alias here exactly. VPS itself is a lot of usability, can be for traffic exchange, mining, running BOT or create hosting through our own vps.

There are free VPS providers using credit cards and No credit cards, And here's a collection of VPS trial 2017:
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New Free VPS Trial 2017 Windows And Linux

List of Windows VPS And Free Trial Linux

1. Dekstone

  • Cpu Cores 1
  • Memory 2 (GB)
  • Disk Space 25 (GB)
  • Os Type Windows Server 2008

2. HP Cloud

  • $100 Credit
  • 90 Days Free Trial
  • Windows & Linux

3. Codero

  • Windows & Linux
  • 3 Month Valid
  • Os Linux & Windows

4. Zettagrib

  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2 CPU
  • 100 GB Size
  • 1 Tb Bandiwitch
  • 1 MonthVald
  • Use Coupon Code :pass200


  • Space: 5Gb
  • Ram: 384 Mb
  • Valid: 1 year


  • Space: 50Gb
  • RAM: 2Gb
  • Valid: 15 DAYSVPS

7. Elastic Host

  • Space: 20GB
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Valid: 5 DAYS

8. Azure

  • Space: 150GB
  • RAM: 1.75
  • Valid: 1months with $200 credit
  • You can create up to 4 VPS


  • Space: 5GB
  • RAM: 613MB
  • Burst: 613MB
  • Valid: 1 YEAR

10. Open Hosting

  • 4 GHz CPU
  • 4.0 GB RAM
  • 50 GB SSD
  • Valid: 5 days
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Free Trial VPS Without Credit Cards:

  1. Sublime IP Hosting (gratis 5 hari)
  2. Gandi Hosting (gratis 7 hari)
  3. Eurobyte (gratis 14 hari)
  4. CloudShare VPS Hosting (gratis 14 hari)
  5. RSA Web VPS Hosting (gratis 7 hari) 
  6. ElasticHosts (gratis 5 hari)
  7. Cloud Sigma (gratis 7 hari)

Free Trial VPS Using Credit Cards: 

  1. Zunicore Hosting (gratis 14 hari) 
  2. AirVM Hosting 
  3. GoGrid Hosting (gratis $100 ketika mendaftar menggunakan credit card) 
  4. Chunk Host VPS Hosting (gratis 14 hari) 
  5. Triple 8 Network (gratis 7 hari)
  6. ServerLove Hosting (gratis 1 bulan) 
  7. Atlantic Hosting (gratis 1 bulan)
  8. IBM Softlayer Hosting (gratis 1 bulan)
  9. PhoenixNap Hosting (Gartis 1 bulan, 50$ di kreditkan ketika mendaftar)
So my post about Free VPS For Windows And Latest Free Linux 2017 that you can try.

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